Essential vitamins your body needs

Vitamins and minerals are essential in keeping you healthy and are necessary for survival. Vitamins help your body grow and each has different jobs to help your body work the way it should.

Although the concept of a multivitamin sounds appealing, it’s best to get the nutrients you need through food because the things you eat in a well-balanced diet also include other essential substances like fiber that your body needs. If you eat a varied and well-balanced diet, including whole-grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, nuts, seeds, eggs, and meats, you will likely get enough of the vitamins and minerals necessary. It’s also easier for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs through food instead of a pill. Check with your doctor before adding vitamin supplements into your daily routine.

Vitamin A

This vitamin assists with vision development and protects the eyes from night blindness and age-related decline. It also plays an important role in cellular growth and helps maintain the tissues in the skin, intestines, lungs, and other organs. Some research suggests that Vitamin A may help lower the risk of certain cancers.

Vitamin B

B vitamins are great for metabolism and help convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy. Research shows that B vitamins support just about every aspect of brain health and also play a vital role in the production of red blood cells which are responsible for transporting oxygen to every area of the body. Be vitamins are also linked to the health of your nervous system, neurological benefits, and hormone production.

Vitamin C

Not only does Vitamin C boost your immunity, it includes antioxidants that support heart health and increases iron absorption. It also helps your body form collagen that’s important for your bones, cartilage, muscles, and blood vessels, as well as aid in wound healing.

Vitamin D

Your body needs Vitamin D for calcium absorption, bone growth, and to keep your teeth and bones strong. This vitamin can boost your memory, learning, and concentration all while giving your immunity and heart a little boost too.

Vitamin E

This antioxidant helps fight damage to your cells and balance hormone and cholesterol levels. Vitamin E is also good for cardiovascular health and some studies have shown that it can help reduce PMS symptoms.

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